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At Martin Snow, LLP in Macon, we seek to protect our clients’ financial interests when alimony disputes arise during the he divorce process. Our law firm has a 130-year history of providing effective legal services to Georgia residents. We draw on this legacy and our attorneys’ experience to provide strong counsel during initial alimony determinations, as well as actions related to the modification, terminations and enforcement of existing spousal support orders. You can rely on our hardworking family law attorneys to skillfully advocate on your behalf.

What is alimony?

Alimony, or spousal support, is a court-ordered payment one spouse makes to the other. It’s intended to help people meet their needs when they no longer share the same home with the spouse upon whom they relied on for financial support. There are two types of alimony. Temporary alimony is granted while divorce proceedings are pending. Though the other type of spousal support is referred to as permanent alimony, it is usually ordered for a specific period of time after the marriage is dissolved. The duration of payments is set based on the amount of time it is expected a recipient will require to gain the education or job training necessary to meet their own financial needs. The obligation also ends if the recipient remarries. If the spouse seeking payments is disabled or elderly, the duration of payments might be extended. A knowledgeable lawyer from our firm can answer your questions about how a court might rule on alimony in your divorce.

How is alimony calculated in Georgia?

In Georgia, both women and men can collect alimony. Someone seeking spousal support must show that he or she needs it and that their spouse has the means to pay it. Once that is demonstrated, several factors will be considered by the judge to calculate the specific terms of the order. These include:

  • Financial condition — Judges can look at each spouse’s current income and future earning capacity as well as each spouse’s separate assets and debts.
  • Duration of the marriage — The length of a marriage doesn’t always determine how much or for how long alimony is paid, but someone who depended on their spouse financially for a long time is more likely to be granted spousal support.
  • Contributions of the parties — If one spouse bolstered the other’s earning ability by putting the other through college or taking care of the household so that their partner could concentrate on their career, this can be used to make an alimony determination.

When you understand how a court might rule on your alimony matter, you can make informed decisions about whether to negotiate a resolution with your spouse.

Knowledgeable counselors help with alimony modification and termination actions

Either former spouse can request that alimony be modified or terminated when their circumstances change. The party seeking the adjustment has the legal burden of demonstrating that the revision is appropriate. Our law firm assists clients with modifying and terminating alimony orders, as well as with challenges to proposed changes.

Diligent litigators assist individuals in obtaining past-due spousal support

If your former spouse isn’t making their court-ordered alimony payments, you can seek to have their wages garnished or pursue payment by filing a contempt complaint with the court that made the spousal support order. We will advise you about the process that may be most beneficial in your case and work to have the order enforced for you.

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The attorneys at Martin Snow, LLP in Macon assist Georgia clients in a full range of alimony matters as well as with other family law concerns. To schedule a consultation, call our firm at 478-749-1700 or contact us online.


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