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Diligent Macon attorneys deliver trustworthy counsel to companies

Operating a successful business demands constant attention and legal counsel that you can trust to tackle difficult challenges. At Martin Snow, LLP in Macon, our firm has served Georgia companies for more than a century, providing effective support in litigation, transactions and internal matters. Whether you are looking to establish a new venture or intend to grow an existing business through investment or acquisitions, we provide experienced guidance every step of the way. Our accomplished group of attorneys offers individualized attention and creative solutions for any type of company.

Experienced lawyers deliver strong litigation and transactional support

As a trusted Georgia law firm since 1890, we have helped small and large businesses handle concerns such as:

  • Customer and competitor disputes — Our lawyers are skilled litigators who achieve successful results in contract and tort litigation. In many cases, we reach positive resolutions through mediation and skillful negotiation.
  • Employment issues — Problems with workers can destroy a business from within. Our employment law attorneys advise clients on benefits, discrimination issues, wage claims and wrongful termination actions. We understand that averting costly litigation is almost always in our clients’ best interests, so we help companies enact effective compliance procedures and draft noncompete and nondisclosure agreements.
  • Financial matters — We advise clients on a full range of complex financial issues, including securities matters and debt relief options such as bankruptcy. When clients seek to establish pension, profit-sharing or stock option plans, we craft a program suited to their specific needs.
  • Construction law — For contract issues, permitting or disputes, the firm provides effective counsel for the legal processes that accompany residential or commercial construction.

We understand the bottom-line pressure that companies face and always strive to achieve our clients’ goals in a cost-efficient manner.

Knowledgeable advisers help clients launch new ventures

Starting a business is overwhelming, but for more than 100 years, our firm has helped Georgia businesses establish a solid foundation that promotes growth. Our lawyers assist with tasks including:

  • Entity creation — Whether you are looking to establish a for-profit or nonprofit venture, our lawyers will advise you on the various options that exist. We explain how entities such as corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies can meet your particular needs.
  • Buy-sell agreements — Businesses where ownership is shared among two or more parties should make provisions to address how one owner’s stake will be allocated if that owner leaves the business suddenly. By creating a buy-sell agreement, our firm gives partners and shareholders the security they need to proceed with confidence.
  • Permitting and compliance — Federal, state and local regulations can be incredibly frustrating to entrepreneurs and large corporations alike. We work to obtain the approvals companies need to operate and help companies react when new rules are instituted.

One overlooked detail can lead to major problems down the road. Knowledgeable legal support gives your business the best chance at achieving lasting success.

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Martin Snow, LLP assists Georgia businesses with a full range of legal concerns, including contract, litigation and employment issues. Please call 478-749-1700 or contact us online to schedule an appointment at either our downtown Macon or North Macon location.


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