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Knowledgeable Georgia advocates handle property and custody disputes

Ending a marriage is always difficult, but a seasoned family litigator can make sure that your legal and financial rights are preserved during and after the divorce process. At Martin Snow, LLP in Macon, we have served Georgia clients for more than a century, so we know how overwhelming separating from your spouse can be. Our experienced lawyers deliver personalized counsel to husbands and wives so that they can pursue a resolution that protects what is most important to them. We use alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and negotiation to relieve clients’ burden whenever possible. But if you need to go to court to obtain a determination on custody, child support, property division or alimony, our advocates are prepared to assist you every step of the way.

Skillful law firm delivers thorough divorce representation

We provide understanding counsel during every phase of your divorce. Our knowledgeable attorneys will answer questions you might have about subjects such as:

  • Grounds — Thirteen legal justifications exist for the dissolution of a Georgia marriage. If you wish to file for divorce without alleging fault on the part of your spouse, you can file by claiming the union is irretrievably broken. You can also charge your spouse with adultery, cruelty or other listed types of marital misconduct. We can help you choose the filing that works best in your situation.
  • Gathering records — To build the strongest possible argument for a fair resolution, it is best to locate important family and financial documents. We can show you what materials you need and use those records to support your case.
  • Property division — Georgia is an equitable distribution state. That means in a divorce, marital property is divided based on what the court thinks is fair, though the result will not necessarily be equal. Judges arrive at this distribution based on several factors, including each spouse’s earning ability and contribution to the marital estate. We conduct a thorough review so that the court is aware of all key information in making its determination.
  • Alimony — In some cases, courts award alimony to husbands or wives who might lack the ability to support themselves financially after a marriage ends. In these cases, our lawyers are strong advocates for our clients and present thorough cases based on factors such as each party’s earning ability and the length of the marriage.

Though it can be difficult to contemplate divorce, taking decisive action gives you the best chance at an outcome that protects you and your children. Many options exist depending on your specific objectives. We will help you find the solution that works best for you and your loved ones.

Accomplished lawyers guide parents through custody and child support conflicts

When parents of minor children divorce, they need to establish legal and physical custody arrangements that give their kids the best chance to thrive. Whenever possible, we attempt to create a parenting plan that allows mothers and fathers to maintain strong bonds with their children. When parties can’t agree, we propose terms that are truly in the child’s best interests for court approval. Our lawyers also advocate for financial fairness to ensure that child support terms reflect accurate information and argue on behalf of parents for modifications and enforcement procedures when appropriate.

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