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Owner Title Insurance

We always recommend that the buyer purchase Owner Title Insurance. Owner Title Insurance protects the property owner by paying losses that arise due to covered title issues and by paying cost and fees if title needs to be defended against covered claims. While the closing attorney will do a professional title examination, there are many undetectable title issues that can cause financial loss.

Today, the best title insurance policy available on the market is an “enhanced” policy which greatly expands coverage over the standard Owner Title Insurance Policy. The premium is usually 20% more than the standard.

All lenders require that the closing costs for the loan include a title insurance policy to protect them against any such title claims. Property owners are not protected by the lender policy but they have the option at the closing of buying an Owner Title Insurance policy that will give the buyer that type of protection. Most buyers purchase Owner Title Insurance. The premium is a onetime charge and is good for the duration of the ownership of the buyer. The premiums are not considered unreasonable in light of the security provided to the buyer.


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